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How to Watch the World Cup

June 14, 2018 By 0 Comments

Watching the World Cup

Hello, football (soccer) fans everywhere, over the next few weeks it’s going to get fairly crazy with the FIFA World Cup in Russia. This is undoubtedly the worlds largest football event, which this year is kicking off on Thursday, June 14th, with the host nation Russia playing Saudi Arabia. This event happens every 4 years and although the US and a few other nations aren’t taking part, its still going to be a crazy, fun packed event.

But, how are you going to watch the World Cup? Are you looking for a free live stream, or do you need a VPN to get around geo-restrictions, maybe you want to watch via SkyGo? Well here are some of our tips to watch the WorldCup in Russia.

World Cup Streaming

Streaming Service

As for all you non-traditional streaming folks, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV and PlayStation Vue, all have streaming services, which should carry Fox, FS1 and Telemundo. Providers like Sing TC offer a bundle that includes any of these channels for $25 per month. This will give you access to all the World Cup matches both at home and away. Unfortunately, you can’t get the World Cup on Netflix or the standard Amazon Prime. However, Users who are using the Amazon Firestick can use Fox Sports Go app, BBC iPlayer and ITV.

Satellite or Cable TV

If you’re the lucky one that has a cable or satellite subscription, then this is your best bet, you’ll get all 64 matches live matches on your TV and with Fox Sports, SkyGo, or NBC Sports, you can watch on the move via their iOS and Android apps, as well as on your living-room devices including Apple TV. Don’t however, get too excited, as even though Fox and other channels are free-to-air channels, the networks may still requiring a pay-TV subscription to watch the WorldCup games on their apps.


If like for many living abroad you have access to the World Cup, but your provider doesn’t allow access when you’re abroad, then a VPN (or Virtual Private Network) is your new best friend! A VPN allows you to fake your location, tricking your service provider into thinking you’re in another country. This means you can still access your favourite channels and streaming apps and watch the content anywhere in the world.

These are our top 3 VPN World Cup Providers.

NordVPN World Cup

VyprVPN World Cup

VyprVPN World Cup

CyberGhost World Cup

CyberGhost World Cup

Highlights, shows and more

If you can’t bring yourself to watching your team, then you can always trust Twitter, with live commentary and thanks to a partnership with Fox Sports, Twitter will be streaming a show called FIFA World Cup. With 27 episodes, featuring match previews, recaps and interviews with players. Twitter users will also get highlights for each game in near real time, along with the usual reactions and memes that’ll pop up on the app.

Spanish speaking users in the USA can watch highlights via a Telemundo and Google partnership that when you search for particular games, scores and teams, you will be redirected you to a YouTube video that will include goals, halftime recap and more notable moments. Whats more, on YouTube, you will find pre and post-game news and coverage.

All lets left is to wish you and your team good luck! Enjoy the sport, enjoy the spirit of the game and enjoy watching!


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