PureVPN Review

PureVPN offers a stable and secure connection, with solid VPN features including military-grade encryption and a 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee. PureVPN runs over 750 active servers in 140+ counties, as well as the freedom to switch between servers freely at no extra charge.

PureVPN Pros & Cons

  • Split Tunneling – Enjoy the freedom to choose which data to send through PureVPN and which to send through your ISP.
  • P2P Freedom – Enjoy P2P-enabled services as standard, with dedicated and highly optimized servers for P2P.
  • Content Freedom – Enjoy access to geo-restricted content, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV and more
  • Security – With PureVPN, customers enjoy top-of-the-line military-grade 256-bit encryption.
  • TV & Devices – Enjoy dedicated apps for Smart TVs.

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PureVPN Review

PureVPN Review

PureVPN Review & Rating

Pure VPN offers the industry standard 256-bit Encryption, which protects you and your data from brute force attacks. This is, unfortunately, a fairly common practice that consists of hackers figuring out your passwords through a series of repetitive, lightning-fast, trial-and-error combinations.

They also offer DNS, IPv4, and IPv6 Leak protection. Including PureVPN’s, Kill Switch, which is a fail-safe button to ensure your privacy remains intact at all times.

Lastly, PureVPN has recently launched their newly introduced Ozone-ready servers, which offer Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that protects you and your devices from privacy intrusions.

  • IDS ensures early detection of any malicious activity over a network.
  • IPS is a sophisticated artificially intelligent system that stops unauthorized access.
  • All server-to-server data is scanned against IDS and IPS for suspicious activities.

PureVPN Price Plan

Unlimited Streaming & Unlock Content

We all know that trying to get access to the content you want, can be difficult and frustrating. However, with a VPN you can mask your location and access all your favourite shows and live events. Whats more, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can throttle your internet speeds, increasing buffering time and adding to low-quality streams.

PureVPN uses robust algorithms to manoeuvre bandwidth throttling, and give users an improved and accelerated streaming experience, while strategically placing its servers near content delivery networks to eliminate any blockades.

Best Netflix VPN

Best Netflix VPN

Features & Add-Ons

URL Filtering – This is an innovative feature offered by PureVPN, which screens webpages to determine whether the content should be blocked. This feature can remove undesirable advertising, explicit content, spyware, viruses, and other malicious forms of content. Ensuring only Family-Oriented content is allowed through and can be used to block content if used for business i.e. Social Media websites

App Blocker – With App Blocker capability, you can control and edit the list of apps to be filtered, meaning you’ve got complete control over which apps can connect to the internet and which do not.

Browser Extensions – With a simple design and easy to use interface, you can simply download a browser extension and secure any device you are using (at work or at home). Ensuring you can stream your favourite channels, including Netflix, iPlayer, and SkyGo.

Device Ready – PureVPN is compatible with almost every device, including Smartphones, Internet-ready TVs, Routers and gaming consoles.

VPN Trust

When looking for a VPN, security is a critical feature and the registered location of a VPN is one of the most important security concerns.

PureVPN is registered in Hong Kong, which is an increasingly tumultuous jurisdiction for a VPN provider (largely due to their proximity and relationship with China). However, PureVPN controls and hosts their own server network and DNS hardware, which should mean that your information is more secure with them when compared to the average VPN.

Whats more with a 15-day money back guarantee, you are safe in the knowledge that you can enjoy the service you expected. However please note that PureVPN 3-day trial account is not subject to any refund under any circumstances, whats more the refund policy is subject to fair use policy (so don’t go downloading 3GB+ and expect a refund!).

Customer Support 

The customer support at PureVPN has at times been questionable. However, customers now get the freedom to report a problem or an issue by generating a ticket via their online help desk or log in to a one-on-one session with their 24/7 support team. Not forgetting their detailed Support Center.

PureVPN Coupon

PureVPN Coupon

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