Best VPN service 2019

Best VPN Service in 2019

We live in a world of hacking, government spying and corporate theft, which is depressing, to say the least. However, the world offers a few white knights to keep you and your data, browsing history safe. We introduce a VPN or Virtual Private Network, these clever VPN services offer a way to encrypt your data, easily, quickly and without a degree in computer sciences. How does it work? Well, a VPN compresses your data or browser requests through an encrypted tunnel, across a private network of servers. These servers then request the website data on your behalf, protecting you from the open internet and offering a barrier to your identity, location and possible hacks.

Best VPN’s

Why Use a VPN?

A VPN offers three main advantages that you can’t enjoy without a good VPN service and a nice cup of coffee.

  • No Geo-Blocked Websites – Unlimited access to geo-blocked content and websites, no more worries in accessing content in China or Skype in the UAE.
  • Privacy – Your identity, location, browser, History, photos, files and emails are all protected to hackers and prying eyes.
  • Bandwidth & Price Manipulation – Your internet provider can’t restrict your bandwidth and websites can’t manipulate prices depending on your location or previous searchers i.e. You’ve seen a flight and the next time you go and search for the flight, the price has gone up!

Zero Logs

Following some damaging reports in 2018/2019 of well know VPN services logging user activity, the VPN community went in overdrive. Now you can find a provider of a virtual private network (or VPN for short) that doesn’t advertise a zero-log policy. Naturally, a VPN that collects data is by definition not a true VPN service, as it’s all about privacy and security. However, can a no-log VPN actually function correctly? Well, VPN services have three kinds of logging policies. Either they keep browsing logs (not good), record connection logs (not great), or they don’t keep any records at all (fantastic). The latter does not mean there are no logs, it simply means the VPN service provider deletes its logs once they are no longer required.

Using a VPN across the Tor Network

The Onion network on which Tor operates is a fully legal service and offers legitimate services to users worldwide. However, Tor users have been linked to the Dark Net, which is infamous as a popular location for illegal activity. While using Tor might not get you in trouble, it can certainly raise a few questions with your ISP. That is why we recommend you to use a VPN service alongside it.

The most reputable VPN’s have a ‘No logging’ policy and serve to encrypt your internet service. By using one, you will have all-around security, since Tor will ensure your anonymity, while a VPN will keep all of your activity private.

Best VPN in 2019



NordVPN is considered to be one of the best VPN services worldwide, with a 5/5 rating on VPNExplained and rightfully so. It is perfectly optimized for the browser and even provides torrenting through Tor. It offers an outstanding level of security and privacy and used military-grade encryption to keep all of your data private. NordVPN also comes with some unbelievably affordable pricing packages, with a 3-year subscription costing you only $3.49 a month.

With NordVPN you get access to 5,703 servers worldwide, with a very extensive logs policy. In fact, NordVPN is independently audited by one of the big 4 auditing firms, the only VPN to open up its systems to scrutiny and 3rd party approval. With the NordVPN service, you can connect 6 devices at the same time and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

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ExpressVPN VS NordVPN? well, that’s a tough question, in reality, both are fantastic services. ExpressVPN offers an extensive service of military-grade encryption, helping you browse anonymously. What’s more, their Zero knowledge DNS offers complete privacy protection (DNS calls are a typical way for Internet Service Providers and Governments to track the sites you visit). They put a lot of effort into ensuring that the quality of their service always stays at a high level. Moreover, they also accept payments in Bitcoin, among other cryptocurrencies, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you find their services are not up to par with your browsing standards.



PureVPN manages to stand out from the competition thanks to their unique business plan. They are a budget-friendly service that has a very impressive split tunnelling system, which works excellently with Tor.  It checks off all of the necessary criteria and doesn’t compromise when it comes to privacy and security. PureVPN has more than 750 servers all over the world and offers excellent coverage no matter where you’re connecting from. It is a perfect option for users who are just starting out or prefer using a simple and affordable VPN.


CyberGhost is a VPN veteran of the encryption game, offering VPN services for many years. With a network of over 3,705 servers in 58 countries, including 400 servers in the UK, you are sure to get quick access to a network of fast vpn servers.

With CyberGhost it is possible to hide your personal IP and browse the internet safe from prying eyes. This means it’s difficult to record your browser history and hack your personal data i.e. emails, photos etc. With a Strict No Logs Policy CyberGhost is a market leader in VPN services, with Automatic Kill Switch, DNS leak protection. Enjoy Unrestricted Access to your favourite TV shows and Live streaming events, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV and Torrents.


VyprVPN is last in our list, but not last when it comes to offering a solid VPN service. VyprVPN is renowned for having an Extensive Server Network of 70+ worldwide server locations across 6 continents. With 700+ servers and 200,000+ global IPs, connections are always available. VyprDNS is a free DNS Server offering, providing access to their own zero-knowledge DNS. Allowing you to reclaim your privacy and defeat censorship around the world. Owned by a parent company called Golden Frog GmbH, which is incorporated in Switzerland, due to favourable privacy laws.

Free VPN

A lot of users look for free VPNs as a way of accessing content that is geo-restricted. However, you put yourself and your data at great risk just so you can watch that live football game. Free VPNs typically run poor quality server networks, which are unreliable. However, the most damaging aspect of a Free VPN is that they make money by selling your, behavioural data (i.e. Age, Gender and websites visited) and potential your email/bank details. Please remember that an unsolicited VPN provider could see everything and uncontrolled can create real damage.

Trial VPN

If you are unsure you need a full VPN service or you are looking for something temporary, then we recommend signing up for a trial program with the key global VPN players i.e NordVPN, ExpressVPN. You have a 30-day cancellation clause or you could sign-up for a 1-month plan.

Free vs Paid VPN

If you’re asked should I get a free vs paid VPN, then the answer is paid VPN every day, all day!

No manufacturer or service provider, even the largest multinational, can afford to provide free goods or services to customers. The cost is always calculated and offset somewhere on their balance sheet. No business starts with the intention to lose money in the long run, and VPN app developers and VPN providers are no exception to the rule.

Running multiple servers all over the world is a costly undertaking and you also need to support, maintain, and update these VPN servers. One should also invest heavily in app development as online dangers and new network penetration methods occur on a daily basis. Someone has to pay the price for a free VPN, of course.

If you get an unlimited free VPN service, it means, in theory, that you have a solution for which other users pay in the range of $4 to $10 a month, on average. How can a free VPN cover these costs? These free VPNs monetize you and your online behaviour; thus, you are the product here. Such a totally free VPN service has no other ways to be in the black, even if they aggressively push ads to you via their VPN app. They sell your private data and browsing habits to interested third parties to cover their costs and actually profit on your most sensitive online data.

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