Best VPN for Netflix USA

Best VPNs for Netflix USA.

VPN’s are a very useful tool for those who want to enjoy unrestricted and free internet access. If you’ve ever tried accessing some of your favourite websites from abroad, you know how frustrating these geo-blocks can be. One of the best examples for this is Netflix USA, currently the undisputed leader when it comes to online streaming – and also notoriously known for blocking VPN services. Fortunately, there are still some quality VPN’s that manage to defy Netflix’s VPN blocking. Here’s why you should use a VPN, and which are the best VPN’s for Netflix.

Best Netflix US VPNs

Why Do you Need a VPN for Netflix?

VPN technology creates a secure and private connection from a remote server across the internet. A good VPN should be fast enough to stream HD content without any issues on a stable and constant basis. It should also be capable of easily going past geo-restrictions. Most VPN’s nowadays aren’t able to unblock Netflix anymore.

The reason why Netflix excludes some countries or regions from their offer is not to spite anyone, but to abide by international copyright laws. Movie and TV studios operate with different contracts in different countries, so often a serious that is available in one country isn’t available in another.

So, when you put it that way, it’s easy to understand why the US Netflix version has the best library and is the hardest to get into. Since the majority of the shows and movies are coming from The States, it makes sense that more exclusive series would be available there. In fact, US Netflix has nearly a 1,000 more titles available than its nearest UK and Canada cousins.

How to Use a VPN for Netflix Streaming

All regional Netflix centres are investing big bucks into snooping and blocking VPN’s. They are trying to systematically shut down and blacklist suspected VPN IP addresses. Although Netflix does its best to block VPN services, the best VPN’s for Netflix still manage to find a way around this. Leading VPN providers are working around the clock to find and acquire new IP addresses. This allows them to maintain a cycle of working IP addresses for Netflix no matter what the service does. As soon as the streaming service finds and blocks a specific address, the VPN replaces it with another one.

Of course, you need to keep in mind that all of the above-mentioned services have the potential to slow down your internet connection. However, they are more than enough to allow you full HD streaming without any noticeable connection differences. In fact, in some cases using a VPN may even improve your streaming speeds, for example, if your ISP has been throttling your Netflix traffic. In any case, make sure you’ve connected to the server nearest to your geographical location and you will enjoy the best internet speeds and an unmatched Netflix streaming experience.

It all falls down to what VPN suits you the best. There currently aren’t any free VPN’s that are capable of accessing Netflix, so if you want to experience this service for your own, you will have to choose a paid VPN service. The five listed VPN providers are super secure and very capable of going around Netflix’s blocks. They have dedicated software and apps for all devices on the market and are completely reliable and time-tested.

Can You Get In Trouble For Using a VPN on Netflix?

Even though this falls into a grey area when it comes to international jurisdictions, there hasn’t been a precedent set when it comes to this issue. Technically you’re not breaking any copyright laws, since you’re not pirating or distributing the content, and are paying for the service Netflix obtains you with. The worst that can happen is that your VPN IP address gets blocked by Netflix because the streaming service is unavailable in your country or region. After this, you can choose another IP address and keep on using their services and watch Netflix until the next time the same thing happens. At the end of the day, when you’re a paying Netflix subscriber, the service will be very reluctant to ban you entirely from their platform, as they still appreciate the revenue you bring every month.

Best VPN for Netflix US

Best VPN For Netflix USA
Best VPN For Netflix USA


Nord is another great choice for Netflix streaming. With a great track record and servers all around the globe, you are set for a flawless and enjoyable Netflix experience and access to almost any catalogue you desire. Why do we say almost? Because there might be some issues depending on where you’re connecting from, so you might need to choose a Netflix catalogue from a country geographically nearest to you. Still, with this said, this service is one of the fastest on the market. Its packed with all kinds of great features and has maybe the best customer service out of all five VPN’s on the list. You can quickly and safely access Netflix on all desktop and mobile devices, as well as consoles, TVs, and smart TVs.

NordVPN has one of the biggest server networks in the world, and although setting up Netflix can be a difficult task, NordVPN provides a service that can hardly be matched by their competitors.

CyberGhost VPN


CyberGhost has been a top choice for streaming and unblocking content for years. Not only does the provider allow you to access Netflix, but also puts a lot of effort into ensuring that other entertainment and media platforms like the BBC iPlayer or Hulu are available to CyberGhost customers. However, out of the three service mentioned, Netflix is by far the hardest one to unblock. As of writing this article, CyberGhost still successfully manages to override the Netflix proxy identification service and maintain a steady and stable streaming service. The US version is by far easiest to get into, but other Netflix iterations can also be accessed if you manage to find the right servers.

ExpressVPN Logo


ExpressVPN is currently THE service for Netflix streaming. It is basically tailor-made for this popular online streaming service, as it has all of the necessary features in order to maintain regular uptime, even with the rigorous Netflix VPN policies. There is even an ExpressVPN Netflix app available for iOS and Android devices, which you can install on three devices at once.

As far as ExpressVPN servers go, the provider has servers in 94 countries, which allows you to watch Netflix content from almost anywhere in the world. You can watch Netflix overseas and on public Wi-Fi as well, as their speeds are more than enough to support Netflix’s HD streaming service. Although you can’t purchase personal dedicated IP addresses for online streaming, ExpressVPN does have dedicated IP’s for Netflix, which do an excellent job in unblocking Netflix on a consistent basis. When it comes to best VPN’s for Netflix, ExpressVPN is certainly on the top of the list.



In the past few years, Vypr experienced some trouble in providing its customers with unrestricted Netflix access. During 2017, they managed to improve their services and introduce solutions that effectively deal with Netflix’s trackers and blockers, which instantly made them one of the best VPN’s for Netflix. Vypr’s custom-made chameleon protocol guarantees unrestricted access to Netflix catalogues around the world. Not only this, Vypr is also one of the preferred choices for US viewers who are looking to bypass congested networks and ISP network throttling. Vypr isn’t the best choice if you want to stream on your mobile or tablet device. If you want to experience the best Netflix service with Vypr, you should stick with their desktop and laptop apps. It might not be as convenient as with other VPN’s on the list but it guarantees you will be able to stream Netflix using their services. With over 700+ servers in their portfolio, you are guaranteed around the clock access to Netflix.



PrivateVPN is the youngest provider on the list and one that managed to garner a massive customer base within a relatively short period of time. This is mainly thanks to their great Netflix service. With impressive internet speeds and plenty of servers to choose from, this VPN can unblock Netflix in many regions of the world, including the most sought-after ones. One thing PrivateVPN excels at is their excellent customer support service. If you have any issues in establishing a quality Netflix server, just contact them and they will recommend you the best server choices to connect to.

In Summary

All of the five mentioned providers fall among the best VPN’s for Netflix, with each of them being more than capable of offering you a stable and reliable service. You can try any of them right now and enjoy your favorite Netflix shows and movies. To top all of this off, all of the VPN’s mentioned in this list offer a money-back guarantee, some of them giving you up to 30-days to test their services out. You can browse and enjoy Netflix without risking your money, as you will get it refunded if you don’t find the service satisfactory.

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