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Best VPNs for Torrenting.

When you’re downloading and sharing files online, all of the people you’re sharing it with can clearly see your IP address and server location. This could lead to a wide variety of potential problems. Maintaining your privacy and security, when using a torrent or peer-to-peer network has become an absolute must in today’s online world. Luckily, there is a solution that can fix all of the security issues and maintain your online anonymity – Torrent VPN’s. They are getting more popular with internet users and have become a hot topic in the last couple of years. So, how can a Torrent VPN protect you, what features should you look for when picking one, and what are the best VPN’s for torrenting? Read our detailed review, as we answer all of those questions and more.

Best Torrent VPN

Is Torrenting Allowed?

If you’re asking this question, you already presume you’re doing something wrong when you download copyrighted files off the internet. Torrenting is actually legal if you’re sharing non-copyrighted content, but let’s face it, we’re here for the good stuff.

Downloading copyrighted content has been deemed illegal in most countries, and classified as a civil offense. Although it is not a criminal offense, you can still get in trouble with the government or your ISP. Not only that, you can strike out even worse, as the company that owns the copyrighted content can also come after you. They could take you to court and sue you for the loss of income your actions caused them. That’s why you need a VPN to cover your back.

How Can a VPN Protect You

A VPN protects you in multiple different ways. First and foremost, it hides your online activity from your ISP. This means that anyone who monitors torrents will see your VPN connected IP, instead of your real one. This will not only keep you safe but can also speed up your downloads, as most ISP try to discourage torrenting by throttling traffic. The same goes if you’re planning on uploading large files. Masking your IP also protects you from hackers who would use your connection as a backdoor to your system and infect it with viruses and malware. Without a VPN, your real IP can be identified in a matter of seconds.

What Torrent VPN Features to Look Out For

Not all VPN services are suitable for torrenting. Some don’t allow it, while others just don’t have the technical and security specs needed to ensure your privacy and safety. That’s why all torrenting and P2P sharing suitable VPN’s should meet the following criteria:

  • No Logging Policy – An ideal torrenting VPN should not record any of the data you give out while using their service. It should have a clearly laid out Privacy Policy that addresses every aspect of your privacy. It should not log your activity, nor collect any information that could potentially jeopardize you.
  • High-Quality Security – VPN’s use encryption to mask all of your online activity. The encryption protocol they use should be at least at a 256-bit SSL encryption level, to ensure no hackers and third-parties can snoop through your online activity. It should also have a built-in kill switch and DNS leak security, to make sure that in the case of a breach, no data is transmitted from your device.
  • High Internet Speeds – Since you’ll be downloading large files, you would need an above-average internet connection while using a VPN. The services featured on our list are al among the top-tier when it comes to connection speeds.
  • (No) Bandwidth Limits – Torrents require a lot of data. That’s why a good VPN for torrenting should have a no bandwidth limit policy.

Best Torrent VPNs

Best Torrenting VPN
Torrent VPN


NordVPN explicitly permits torrenting and P2P file sharing, which makes them a go-to option for many online pirates. It uses shared IP addresses and offers unlimited monthly bandwidth. As far as download speeds go, they are fantastic, though can be unstable if you’re connected to a remote server. Luckily, there’s plenty of fail-safe features in place that allows you to adjust settings and cut off certain programs from the internet in case of a connection leak.

NordVPN is the most secure and privacy-conscious VPN out of the five listed in this article. It uses 256-bit AES encryption and keeps zero logs of your online traffic. They are also based in Panama, which falls out of US jurisdiction and is, therefore, a great option for all users who highly value their privacy.

CyberGhost VPN


Based in Romania, a country that has no government surveillance when it comes to online piracy, CyberGhost is an excellent option for all of your torrenting needs. They have over 2000 servers and all of them, except the ones based in the US or Russia, fully support torrenting and P2P file sharing. Although the service hasn’t openly stated they support online piracy, the fact that they have a ‘Torrent Anonymously’ profile feature speaks more than enough for the service. By using this feature, the VPN will automatically connect you to the currently best torrenting server available. A bit of a downside of this VPN is that there is no port forwarding, but that doesn’t present an issue, due to the many features this VPN has.

ExpressVPN Logo


ExpressVPN offers extremely fast download speeds and is without any doubts, one of the best VPN’s for torrenting. Plus, P2P file sharing is accepted on all of their servers, which is a fantastic and very handy thing. The ExpressVPN service is a bit pricier than the rest of the competition, but with blazing fast speeds and a database of more than 2000 servers worldwide, it’s well worth the few extra bucks a month.

It is a great option for users who are looking for a simple and easy to set up service, they can just install and run right of the bat. With ExpressVPN you don’t have to hassle with setting up different options and configurations, just turn it on, and torrent with complete security and anonymity. Not to mention the fact that the service supports seven different protocols from which you can choose from.



StrongVPN is certainly one of the bigger names in the VPN market. It has long been a favourite among users in China, and the recent revamps have made it available to an even wider audience. This includes users who pirate and share content online. The recent overhaul brought some much-needed changes and made this VPN one of the best for all-around use, not just for torrenting.

Sticking to the subject of P2P File sharing and downloading, StrongVPN uses a number of unique features. This includes the ‘Scramble’ setting, which disguises OpenVPN internet connections. If you opt for this VPN, know that you’ll be getting an easy and streamlined solution for all of your internet needs. Subscribing to them also gets you unlimited bandwidth, a strong zero logging policy, and up to five simultaneously connected devices, with apps available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.



IPVanish manages to sneak into almost every top five VPN list, and for a good reason. It is just a good all-around VPN service. It has great clients that work perfectly across many different platforms, a wide global coverage and full P2P support. This allows them to offer truly impressive speeds and a variety of protocols that guarantee a genuinely safe and private pirating experience.

The no logs policy and fail-safe encryption, alongside an automatic kill-switch, guarantee a pleasant and private online torrenting experience. IPVanish offers a good balance of performance and power, although the price is a bit on the steeper side.

Can you Use a Free VPN for Torrenting?

Although you can find a few free VPN’s online for torrenting, its not recommended that use them. Free VPN’s generally come with very strict restrictions, which can severely limit your torrenting options. Some have speed and bandwidth limitations, while others have location restrictions and lack torrenting servers. In some worst-case scenarios, free VPN’s might even degrade your safety and privacy by keeping logs and records or even carry malware and viruses. That’s why its best to stick with proven and reputable choices. The five listed VPN’s offer a high-quality service and don’t cost much, especially when you opt for long-term plans. You will be able to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and greater speeds, for just a couple of dollars a month.

Get your VPN Today!

Unless you’re in a country or region that has lenient copyright laws or just plain doesn’t care about copyright laws, you should definitely be using a VPN when downloading and sharing files online. All of the VPN’s featured on our list are perfectly capable of completing the job, and you won’t go wrong if you choose any of them. Get your VPN today and protect your online privacy.

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